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  • Lepton Entrepreneurial Advancement Program (LEAP)

    A breakthrough startup growth program fuelled by

    Location Intelligence Solution.

What is LEAP?

LEAP is Lepton's Entrepreneurial Advancement Initiative for Tech Startups built to support innovation and expertise in GIS & Location Intelligence based products and businesses. LEAP is a one stop solution for startups to get access to all location intelligence tools that can help them invest their resources in the right direction and facilitate their growth and success journey. This program offers access to training, support, co-marketing opportunities worth $25000!

How can LEAP help startups? 

80% of data collected today invariably has location data points built into it. Mining and analyzing this geographical data equips you with powerful, actionable insights. Location data will drive even better business results for startups over the next three to five years.

But why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage LEAP's program product bundles for free! LEAP facilitates enhanced Customer Experience & Operational Efficiencies by engaging early on with startups to provide location intelligence platform to educate and enhance the use of map-based geospatial solutions.



The Location Intelligence Suite of products to help design, plan, manage and launch tech products using various L.E.A.P products and tools. 


Dedicated tech support to help build innovative web and mobile based applications.


Internationally recognized data analysis products suites to support innovation and product development. 

LEAP Features

  • Develop innovative & intelligent tech products - apps, websites, etc. using maps and location based data.
  • Create and test POCs for various map based mobile apps, websites and products.
  • Develop a successful Go-to-market strategy for your product or business by identifying ideal locations, audience and business feasibility.
  • Leverage Location Intelligence to collect, organize and analyze data silos and uncover hidden business or revenue opportunities.

LEAP Exclusive Benefits

Access to Geospatial Suite

Premium Tech Support


  • Qualifying startups will have access to personalized training, tech support and co-marketing opportunities worth $25,000.
  • Access to a geospatial suite to help design, plan, manage and launch tech products using various LEAP products and tools
  • Internationally recognized data analysis products suites to support innovation and product development.
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities

LEAP Product Offerings

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Individual Startups

  • Early to mid-stage or advanced startups. A working MVP is not required but preferred for qualification.
  • Building software or technology products based on location intelligence based solutions
  • Startups already generating approximate revenues less than $1M annually is a bonus, although not mandatory for qualification

Startups Incubators 

  • Startup incubation centers known to support tech driven startups and software innovation
  • Centers building innovative software or technology products across industries.

Startup Accelerators

  • Startup accelerators that have at least 20 startups in their portfolio
  • Shares common goals and best practices with LEAP
  • Strategically aligned with LEAP suite of products
  • ROI driven with strong POCs

Academic Partners

  • Educational institutes focused on building next generation technology products & services
  • EDPs facilitating startups with a solid business strategy, backed by a capable team
  • Committed to support Location Intelligence & GIS community

Our Partners


Who is this program for?

This program is for all startups (ideally with a working MVP) as well as incubators, accelerators & entrepreneurial cells in education institutes working in tech based products using maps and location intelligence solutions. The organizations that help and promote  startups would have the most benefit from the program. 

What is the program fee? What does it cost to apply?

Application to the program is absolutely free. However, there is a qualification process that allows you to get access to the entire LEAP product suite and program benefits. Do fill in the form and we will get back to you shortly with next steps. 

At what stage, can I apply for LEAP Program?

Any early, mid-stage or advanced tech startup with an established POC is ideal for this program. There is no bar to applications although, your chances of qualification for LEAP Program improves if you have a working MVP.

Is there an application deadline? When can I apply? What are the key benefits of this program for individual startups?

You may apply at any time of the year because applications are accepted on rolling basis and each selected company can get access to $10,000 worth of Location Intelligence Kit. The kit includes Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud, Location Intelligence Platform and Data to help you create your solutions in the least possible time. You also get access to tech support and market expansion opportunity to countries like India, Singapore, U.A.E and USA

How do I participate?

Apply for the LEAP Program here.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is of 12 months extendable to 24 months depending on the stage and type of startup. We want you to avail $25K worth of tool kit to the maximum possible extent.

How do I know if I qualify as a Startup to participate?

Once you apply for the program, our evaluation team would revert within 3 working days to accept or discuss more about your startup. The final decision would be made no later than 5 working days.

When will you let me know?

We aim to complete the process within 5 working days.

How long will the program last?

12 months (extendable to 24 months from date of acceptance).

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